LeBron James Criticized by NBA Legends for Claiming He Is The ‘GOAT’

LeBron James is receiving criticism for comments he made about himself.

During the 7th episode of the show, More Than An Athlete, on ESPN he said that he was the greatest of all time aka the G.O.A.T.

He was clear to state in what moment and why he felt that way.

He said that after he won the 2016 NBA Finals against the Golden State Warriors he felt he was the greatest.

They were down 3-1 in the Finals against a team that was being proclaimed as "the greatest team ever assembled."

He said when you saw him crying it was for the "52 years of everything in sports that's gone on in Cleveland."

NBA legends Kevin McHale and Isiah Thomas found LeBron's comments to be disrespectful. They said it disrespects greats like Michael Jordan, Bill Russell, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Magic Johnson.

McHale said, "you don't need to say that about yourself. Let other people say that for you."

Do you agree?



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