Trey Songz Sidechick Brittney Caught Buying Fake Ultrasound

Apparently there is nothing you can't buy on the internet.

Trey Songz is dating Steve Harvey's daughter, Lori. The two met when Trey was a guest on his TV show.

At some point, Trey was messin with a pornstar named Brittney Jones. Now, it's not clear if Trey cheated on Lori with Brittney or if he was messin with Brittney first and then started dating Lori.

Brittney popped up on social media with an ultrasound claiming to be pregnant with his baby. 

A couple people did point out a flaw with the sonogram but people are now convinced it's fake.

It also doesn't help that there's a website called that will allow you to BUY a FAKE sonogram!



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