Ice Cube Recalls Being Turned Away From N.W.A's First Listening Party

During Ice Cube's recent appearance on The Late Late Show With James Corden, Cube recalled the time when the entire N.W.A crew was denied entry to their own album listening party.

The venue where the party was at was a boujee spot connected to the Beverly Center here in L.A. When Cube and the rest of the crew arrived they weren't allowed in because they were late and looked like "thugs."

"We couldn't get in. We were late because of Eazy  he always made us late," Cube said. "We show up and it's pretty swanky. You gotta have your Easter shoes on and stuff like that."

"Security was like 'y'all gang-bangers are not coming up in here causing trouble.'" 

Even after having the label owner come out to try to help them get in, they still were unsuccessful. "We ended up going to IHOP and just fussing about it and complaining. It was terrible."

Watch the interview below:



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