Mariah Carey Reveals Biggie Was Supposed to Be Featured on Honey (Remix)

Remember Mariah Carey's "Honey" remix featuring Mase and The LOX?

Well during a recent interview with DJ Suss One’s The Feature Presentation, Mariah Carey said Biggie was originally suppose to be featured on the remix.

Remember Biggie's song "Dreams"? In it he said, "Mariah Carey kinda scary," and apparently that didn't really sit well with MiMi.

She was actually offended by it! 

Eventually Diddy got her and Biggie on the phone together they squashed any misunderstanding and agreed to collaborate on "Honey." Unfortunately that never happened because Biggie was murdered before they could record the track.

Can you imagine how dope that would have been?

What was your favorite remix from her?



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