Man Says Tupac Is Alive, and He Helped Smuggle Him Into Barbados

It's been 22 years since Tupac passed but one thing is for sure his music continues to influence, resonate, and inspire people.

A man is now claiming that Tupac is alive and and was smuggled to Barbados in a private jet. How does he know? He says he helped out. 

Michael Nice says he helped Tupac fly out of the states and says the ordeal was "like an escape from prison."

As former security for the Black Panthers, Nice says he found out about a hit on Tupac and was instructed to get him out of the country after his shooting in Las Vegas. 

He says his team gave the hospital a significant donation to pronounce Tupac dead, and then flew him to Barbados disguised as the co-pilot. 

I've seen so many rumors about him faking his death in the past but it's hard to believe any of these conspiracies. Do you believe Nice's story?



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