Lupe Fiasco Thinks He Can Destroy Eminem and Joe Budden in a Rap Battle


This is pay-per-view type material.

 Lupe Fiasco thinks he could "destroy" Eminem and Joe Budden in a rap battle.

Since Eminem's Kamikaze album came out last week, a lot of people have commented about Em's hit list. Let's just say him and Joe Budden haven't had pleasant things to say to each other.

Fiasco posted an Instagram video of a comedian mocking Eminem. He said he did it for fun but also commented, "I like Em & most other rappers & I want no smoke but if I did I would destroy them all. Especially Joe Budden & Em too."

Joe Budden got loose in the comments section saying, "Talk yo s--t King!!!!!!"

Would you love to see a freestyle throw down between these three? 



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