Woman Finds Cleaning Tablet in Starbucks Drink


Your Starbucks Frappuccino is definitely not supposed to have cleaning tablets in it.

Well, believe it or not a woman allegedly found cleaning tablets in her Starbucks drink!

After discovering that her drink had cleaning tablets in it Deniece Lee said, "My last drink of it, it just tasted like burnt rubber, honestly." Overall, Lee said she could tell her Green Tea Frappuccino wasn't made correctly but something else was off.

After driving home and drinking half of the beverage, her kids noticed something at the bottom.

Lee saw the tablets, took a video of it and then dumped it out. She went to the hospital where she started vomiting. 

Lee contacted a friend at another Starbucks and found out the tablets are used to clean espresso machines. 

Starbucks has apologized to Lee and said in a statement that they are working to "make this right."





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