Kanye West Explains Why He Wore Slides That Were "Too Small"


If you've had access to the internet then you've definitely seen the photos and memes going around of Kanye West wearing slides that are just too small for his feet.

Well, it looks like Kanye realized how much speculation his latest "fashion" trend is under and decided to clear the air.

Kanye went on Twitter to post a tee shirt with sketch designs of the small sandal. Then, he went on to explain that the reason why he wore his slides the way he did is because he was simply doing it "the Japanese way."

The photo he shared explains how the straps between your toes shouldn't be too tight, and how your foot should hang 1-2 cm off the back. Apparently, this helps prevent blisters and aid balance!

Twitter still wasn't having it though, because Ye's sandals are actually SLIDES! Nothing is between his toes, and his foot hangs well beyond the recommended 1-2 cm.... 

All I gotta say is let the man live, if he wants to wear shoes that are too small in the name of fashion then let him do his thing.



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