Cardi B Says She Met Her Match In Newborn Daughter Kulture


After announcing she would not be going on tour with Bruno Mars this fall because of motherhood, Cardi B went on Instagram Live to explain how she's finally met her match.

Cardi kept it real when talking about her daughter Kulture!  Cardi said, "I met my match. She is very demanding. I can’t believe I have a boss. I really have a boss. When my baby wanna eat, she wanna eat. It’s not like, ‘Oh, three minutes,’ no. ‘Gimme the milk now!’ You gotta burp her right away — everything, everything, everything. She wants everything."

She continued, "I didn’t [think] that it would take so long for my body to heal. I thought six weeks was going to be good enough — no, bro. My ass is broken. This baby broke my ass."



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