Wiz Khalifa Responds To “Eyes Looking Korean” Lyric Critics


Wiz Khalifa has been under fire recently for some of the lyrics on his new album.

Rolling Papers 2 features a track called 'Hot Now', where he raps, "Smoke got my eyes lookin' Korean".

The lyrics didn't sit well with some people including The Korean Times and they are accusing Wiz of racism. Wiz, however, is clapping back, telling everyone to "chill out" and assuring us that he "loves all races".

He even went on to say, "I have Korean friends who are not offended". 

Are people over-reacting or is Wiz stepping into dangerous territory? Is "I have Korean friends" a good excuse even though some other Koreans are clearly offended?

Check out the interview with our iHeart family The Breakfast Club below:



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