'The Simpsons' May Have Predicted 2018 World Cup Final


Fans of The Simpsons believe the animated TV series has predicted the winner of the World Cup final.

Over the years The Simpsons have predicted the presidency, Twentieth Century Fox becoming a subsidiary of the Walt Disney Co. and the U.S. men's curling team beating Sweden in the Winter Olympics.

A 1997 episode from season 9 entitled “The Cartridge Family" showsthe Simpson family watching a commercial about a big soccer tournament between Mexico and Portugal. Even though it doesn’t say what year the tournament is taking place and doesn’t mention a “world cup”,  the only time the two nations would meet would be in a World Cup scenario.

Portuguese newspaper Eco wrote, "There seems to be a reference to the scandal that recently plagued the Mexican team who allegedly partied with several women before the beginning of the tournament."



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