Wiz Khalifa Talks Possible MMA Fight

While 50 Cent is sparking rumors of an MMA fight by posting photos with MMA President Scott Coker, he's not the only rapper who may try his shot as an MMA fighter.

Earlier this week, MMA's Jay Glazer saw rapper Wiz Khalifa, who trains with some MMA fighters, in the gym and raved about how much of a beast Wiz is and how he really has power saying he's good enough to take on a fight. 

50 Cent keeps posting MMA related photos and seems to be all about a fight, but what about Wiz Khalifa? 

According to Wiz himself, if you want to see him fighting in the ring you have to pay him a "whole bunch of money." 

So that wasn't a no! We may see Wiz fight... if the money's right!

Do you think these rappers really have a chance against a pro fighter?





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