Chance The Rapper Says Beyonce Is A Better Performer Than Michael Jackson

This weekend, Chance The Rapper received an honorary doctorate from Dillard University and made a pretty epic commencement speech that has everybody talking.

The speech lasted about 20 minutes and the theme of it was that you need to continue the legacy of legends by doing better than them. The rapper explained, “Our parents, grandparents, ancestors sacrificed, not so that we can keep doing the same thing that they were doing but so that we can be better. To simply copy them would be almost an insult to their sacrifice.”

But then he went on to give an example that you may or may not agree with, saying that Beyonce has surpassed Michael Jackson as the greatest performer.  

Chance said, “Generations of little black kids have been mesmerized before the TV screen or YouTube, watching as Mike seemed to do the impossible. One of those little black kids would grow up to be someone especially amazing. She would do more than just copy Mike. She would surpass him. And now, I’m going to tell you about the greatest performance put on by the greatest performer of all time, and it wasn’t Mike. Beyoncé. ”

Judging by the crowd's reaction, everyone seemed to agree. Do you think Beyonce is a better performer than Michael Jackson?



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