Bryson Tiller Talks About Being Depressed Before Making 'True To Self'

It's no secret that Bryson Tiller's debut album, Trapsoul was incredibly successful, reaching number eight on the Billboard charts and his first Grammy nomination.

Tiller's second album, True To Self, hit number one on the Billboard chart but didn't perform as well over all. 

The 25-year-old "Don't" singer took to his Twitter to share his thoughts on why he believes True To Self didn't do as well. 

Tiller responded to fans online that said he "fell off" by agreeing and saying that he was depressed after the release of Trapsoul. Tiller went on to explain that because he was depressed his second album suffered. 

"Depression ended in 2017 and i been working hard ever since. stay tuned," Tiller went on to say. 

Fingers crossed for some new music from Pen Griffey soon. 



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