Stripper Inherits Everything from Late HBO Executive

Sometimes people meet the love of their life in the strangest places, like at work, which is where the stripper, Veronica Beckham, met an executive for HBO, Micky Liu. While not officially romantically linked, over time Beckham Liu became close friends despite their 16 year age gap and drastically different lives.

A lot of people close to the two say that it was less of a friendship and more that Beckham was just really good at manipulating men, especially someone like Micky Liu, who although rich and only 50, was in terrible health and horribly out of shape.

Unfortunately, the health issues caught up with the exec and he recently passed away. To the surprise of many, especially the execs family, his stripper friend Veronica received his entire inheritance, which was 6 figures.

Whatever her motive was, it seems that it was worth her time. She definitely secured the bag.



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