Police Try to Unlock Phone With Dead Man's Fingerprint

If you've ever tried to snoop through someones phone you probably know the struggle of trying to figure out a passcode.

Well, the police in Florida had the same problem, except the owner of the cell phone was already dead. 

Unfortunately, that didn't stop them.

The death was still under investigation, so before the body was buried, they went to the funeral home to try and get more answers. 

They had the man's cell phone but without the password or fingerprint, they were unable to unlock it. 

So what did they do? They went up to the peaceful body of the dead man, held up his hand, and tried to use his cold fingerprint to unlock the phone! 

It was a big fail, because they were unsuccessful! 

The man's fiancee' felt completely disrespected and was disgusted by how they handled it. 

Whether it was appropriate is still up for question, however, lawmakers have said that yes, what the detectives did was legal. 

Do you think it's okay for law enforcement to do this?



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