Pictures From Scary Southwest Flight Shows Passengers Not Putting On Oxygen

Even though most people don't, we should really pay attention to the flight attendants instructions before a plane takes off.

Images from the Southwest Airlines flight that made an emergency landing earlier this week shows passengers just wearing oxygen masks over their mouths, but the correct way to wear the mask is to put it over your nose and mouth.

Wearing the mask correctly is crucial when a plane loses cabin pressure. The FAA says the oxygen masks are "the first line of defense against the potentially lethal effects of hypoxia and carbon monoxide poisoning."

Southwest Flight 1380 was en route from New York to Dallas when an engine exploded mid flight. Shrapnel from the engine blew out a window. 43-year-old Jennifer Riordan died from "trauma to the head, neck and torso."    

Be honest - Do you pay attention to the pre-flight instructions? I know I should probably pay closer attention next time I leave town.


Via Marty Martinez



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