“The Simpsons” Predicted Toys R Us Going Out Of Business

Are you starting to believe that the writers for The Simpsons are from the future? 

I mean, it is a trip that they've been able to "predict" events from happening years before they actually happen.

The Simpsons did it again by "predicting" the closure of Toys R Us back in 2004. The episode was called "Marge vs Singles, Seniors, Childless Couples, and Teens, and Gays."

In the episode the childless adults destroy everything child-friendly in Springfield from ball pits to "children at play" signs. 

The group then turns the backwards R in the toy store's logo the right way while horrified kids watch. 

Toys R Us announced they were selling or cutting down their stores last week and it didn't take long for die hard fans to start speculating that the show's writers are in fact time travelers.



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