Drake's New Song “Showin Off” Surfaces

While Drake was setting records on Twitch, a fan was being threatened with legal action by his record label for leaking a song. 

Drake's latest "Showin Off" was posted on Soundcloud and has been heard by thousands of people. This caused Universal Music Group to send a cease-and-desist letter to whoever leaked the song, but duplicates have been made. 

The song samples the Lauryn Hill hit "Ex Factor" and was previewed earlier this month on Snapchat by Hill's son Joshua Marley with the caption, "Drake x Mom. Nobody has this but me." 

Drake did tease a new song earlier this week on social media, but it's not clear if the leaked "Showin Off" was the song he was talking about at the time. 

Have you had a chance to hear "Showin Off?" 


Earlier this month Drake teased a new album during a Raptors game. Check out what he had to say below:



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