Burger King Set Car On Fire Just To See If Anyone Would Stop

I guess I missed the memo but Monday was Good Samaritan Day here in the states and Burger King did something super wild to celebrate.

The fast food giant decided to get in on the action with a super clever way of rewarding good samaritans.

Burger King set up a car that looked like it was on fire on the side of a highway and waited to see if anyone would stop by to see if they could help.

The catch was that underneath the hood of the car the engine wasn't on fire.... there was a grill cooking Burger King patties!

Most people kept it pushing but the ones that did stop got to grub on some free Whoppers. A spokesperson for said: “Sometimes a simple gesture can be a reminder of how great it feels to do good.” 

Watch the full video below to see how it all went down:



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