WOAH: Former Eagles Coach Suggests Patriots Cheated In 2005 Super Bowl

Former Eagles linebacker coach Steve Spagnuolo has just made some pretty serious allegations during an interview with Philly radio station 97.5 The Fanatic earlier this week. 

In regards to the last Super Bowl the Philadelphia Eagles played against the New England Patriots in 2005, he hints that the opposing team cheated by stealing signals from the Eagles throughout the course of the game. 

"I remember through the course of the game Jim saying, 'They’re getting our signals. They know when we’re blitzing…try to hide it, etc. etc.,'" Spagnuolo said. "I remember distinctly thinking, 'Jim, I don’t think that’s true.' Now I’m not saying this to him, because I just don’t want to upset him. I’m saying it to myself. 'I don’t think so, Jim, just concentrate on calling the game.' In hindsight, he was right. When you go back and look at that tape, it was evident to us."

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