LOL: Mia Khalifa Trolls Steph Curry Over His Foot Fetish


Mia Khalifa, adult film star, new host of Complex's "Out of Bounds", and professional troll-er, is back to her trolling ways. 

Just one week after Gilbert Arenas outted her for having jumped into his DM's, Khalifa is calling out another athlete for his... foot fetish. 

Over the weekend, a video of Ayesha Curry sharing some pretty personal information about her husband, NBA player Steph Curry, on the show 'The Real.' When asked to show a personal photo from her phone, she chose one of her polished feet, explaining that her man has somewhat of a fascination with her feet. 

Fans obviously latched onto the information and ran with it. 


Since the video dropped, people have been discussing Steph's foot situation all over social media. 

And since Mia Khalifa now hosts a sports show (??), she chose to chime in on the whole thing, sharing a photo of her own feet on Twitter, with the caption, "Sup, @StephenCurry30?"


Looks like it didn't take long for Stella to get her groove back. 



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