Kevin Hart's Extortionist Explains Why She's Blackmailing Him

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She's out for blood!

The woman who's blackmailing Kevin Hart is using his own words against him, claiming that he knows  she's coming after him and trying to sell a video to paps in order to get money out of him. 

She wants to expose the comedian for cheating on his wife... and being a hypocrite. 

In a video that features clips from multiple interviews Hart did where he admits to cheating on his first wife but claims he's stayed faithful to his new wife Eniko (his "rib"), the woman gives her explanation in plain, white letters. Check it out below:


According to TMZ, the video she's shopping around is a 4 min and 47 second video that includes a scene where Hart and the woman are in bed together. They say it's a little blurry, but the man in the scene does look an awful lot like Kevin...

Check out the rest of the story HERE.

This all started when Hart posted a video to IG on Saturday (Sept. 16) apologizing to his wife and kids. People immediately started to speculate that the comedian was attempting to get in front of a scandal that was about to be blasted online. 

And that's exactly what happened. SMH. 


What do you think of everything that's happening?

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