Freddie Prinze Jr. Gets Choked Up Talking About Paul Walker

On what would've been Paul Walker's 44th birthday earlier this week, Freddie Prinze Jr. sat down with US Weekly to talk about his former She's All That co-star. 

We all definitely miss the Fast and Furious franchise star, but not many of his knew him the way some of his co-workers did, which is what we get to see as Prinze Jr. talks about the time Walker came in to audition for the role on the teen comedy.

“When Paul came into audition, I didn’t have cast approval, but I had what they called consultation. I knew Paul was the right guy, and when he finished the audition, I asked if I could excuse myself to go to the bathroom,” Prinze Jr. said. “I ran outside where his car was parked. I said, ‘Hey man, you’re gonna get this job.’ They didn’t pay us anything. It was a small movie. [I said], ‘They’re gonna offer you $25,000, they have $75 in the budget. Don’t say no.’”

“I heard, years later, after he passed away, that he had told his brother and his mom that story," he continued" To hear that, that meant a lot to him to share that. I loved that there was still that connection there," he said. "As an actor, you don’t want guys to suffer if they don’t have to. Right? You’re like, ‘Dude – you got the part!’ He was a good dude."

Watch the interview below:





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