Entire Car Detaches From Carnival Ride, 1 Dead & 6 More Injured

It is not a good week for carnival rides. 

1 person is dead and 6 others are injured after a ride name Fire Ball at the Ohio State Fair malfunctioned (more like fell apart). An entire car detached from the swinging and spinning ride as it was in motion, sending riders flying. 

And apparently the guy working the ride made it worse.

"The ride was going as normal, and then all of a sudden you see people flying out, and then the guy hit the emergency stop button, which then made the seat fly off and people flew off as well," said Britney Neal, who spoke with NBC News. Neal told the outlet that she was next in line to board the ride.

Such a terrible tragedy. 

The Ohio State fair has been shut down following the incident. Read more below:


photo via NBC News



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