WTF: Uber Suspends Driver For Receiving Oral Sex During Trip

Uber has suspended a driver after he reportedly received oral sex while on the job. 

Passenger Aner Manuel was shocked when he saw what was going down from the backseat. Not only was he confused that there was another person in the car since he'd not requested an Uber Pool, but things only got crazier.

"They began to kiss and she began loosening his belt," Manuel said on Facebook. "As we got further and further from my pickup location I had no idea where I was, so I had to stay in the car. She then proceeded to perform oral sex. This was my last straw."

During an interview with Esquire, Manuel shared that he'd only received a $10 credit from the company when he told them what's happened, followed by four days of silence. He ended up sharing footage of the incident on social media to give them "a little push."

What would you do if you were stuck in an Uber like this??

Nasty AF.

Read more of the story HERE.

Source: Complex

photo via Getty



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