Justin Hartley Heartbroken Over The Loss Of His Dog Memphis

Everyone who has experienced the gift of having a special four-legged friend come into your life and become a part of your family, can relate when it's time to say goodbye. Justin and his wife Chrishell, adopted Memphis at 11 years old. Which in dog years is considered a senior. But that didn't stop Justin and his wife, they fell in love with Memphis knowing he may only have a few years left. Unfortunately, the time came a lot sooner then they had expected.

“For Memphis, One of the funniest, toughest and sweetest animals I ever had the pleasure of loving. Thanks for making our lives better. I really wish we had more time. Rest In Peace little dude,” Justin wrote.

His wife Chrishell added, “Heartbroken to say Memphis went to heaven today. His poor kidneys gave out and we are left with the love and memories he gave us in such a short time. He was 11yrs old when we adopted him from Burbank Animal Shelter so we didn’t know how long we would get to be his family but we knew we would help make what time he had left the best we could. His personality was of a loving sweet old man. He is dearly missed.”

 Justin posted this collage of photos with Memphis on Instagram below…



Chuey Martinez

Chuey Martinez

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