Wendy's Is Dissing Everyone On New "We Beefin" Mixtape

Wendy's put together this mixtape, called "We Beefin?," featuring five separate songs that are low-key fire. All but one are targeted specifically at Wendy's competitors, and the queen of fast food social media wastes no time firing off shot after shot against them. Here's some lyrics showcasing some of the more brutal disses that Wendy's drops.

On Burger King

They love Wendy's 'cause everything is so quality

Can't be no king, yo' burgers ain’t the finest thing

I can't believe you peasants have the audacity

You took a L the day you thought to come after me

So whats the beef?

- from "Holding it Down"

On McDonald's

You number 1? That’s a joke

Why yo' ice cream machine always broke?

Why yo' drive thu always slow?

Why yo' innovation just can’t grow?

It's queen Wendy, need I say mo'?

- from "Rest in Grease"


It's queen Wendy up in this thang

You can't beat us serving just thangs

Y'all too chicken for this beef

I'ma leave you resting in grease

- from "Rest in Grease"

Listen to "Rest in Grease" below:


Wendy's tweeted the cover of their mixtape below stating, "Fresh, never frozen beats".



Chuey Martinez

Chuey Martinez

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