A Man Paid $200 For A Stolen Bike Sign

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Amanda Needham lives on Clinton Street in Caroll Gardens, New York; she just bought a bike and didn't even have it for one day before it was stolen from outside her home. So she decided to make a sign to the thief in hopes of getting her bike returned.

“I figured a sign is a fun way to get people to at least see me and hear me,” she said. “And also maybe the thief would see it himself or herself and feel a little bad.”

The sign was up for a week, but while her original ride never came back, what happened next is something she said she would never forget.

“Two gentleman stopped by and gave me a kid’s mountain bike thinking I might be able to use it,” said Needham. “A young Hispanic woman gave me a huge hug. One guy named Steve paid me $200 for my sign cuz he saw that I needed that much for a bike.”

“I hope that more people do little acts of kindness that results in small moments for other people to feel good in our crazy world,” said Needham.

This event sparked a movement people are now calling “Karmacycle,” a chance to take something bad and make it good.

She posted a picture of her sign on Instagram, see below:

My bike got stolen and I made a sign. Turns out, amazing things happen when you put yourself out there and have yellow paint to back you up. I wrote the whole saga of the #karmacycle story on website ( link in bio) but it involves three knocks on my door, an art dealer, and a Brit.

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The Today Show aired a segment about Amanda's story this morning, see below:


Amanda with her new bike!

Sunny day in #dumbo along the #waterfront with my mother-in-law and Nat. Went to the #brooklynhistoricalsociety and #artingeneral and #recycleabicycle to see how we can connect my stolen bike #karmacycle story to used bike communities in #NYC #citibikes #lostmybike

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