Towson University Warns Students About A Mom Trying To Find Dates For Son

This is something you don't hear everyday. A campus has issued an alert regarding a matchmaker mother in Maryland. Police at Towson University said a woman has been approaching students and asking them to date her son.

After receiving multiple complaints from the mother’s picks, campus police issued an “incident advisory” that included a link to pictures of the woman so that she might be identified. Chief Charles Herring said her reported behavior “may cause concern.”

University officials say the woman isn’t being sought for a criminal investigation, but they do want the third-party to stop.

Some students think it's a sweet gesture, while others call it creepy.

“I think she had the best of intentions,” said student Nicole Cosentino. While another student, Austin Ryan said “Oh, I would probably disown her. Not really but I would just be embarrassed.”

Chuck Dizzle

Chuck Dizzle

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