Woman Giving Away Her $1.7 Million Dream Home for $25

Alla Wagner had a plan of selling her $1.7 million home, but when she wasn't getting the response she was looking for she tried another plan of selling the home for $25. Wagner purchased the 5,000 square foot home after visiting her friend that lived in the open country with beautiful views., but in June of last year she injured her back and couldn't care for the home any longer. 

When no interest for the house was there when she put it on the market she decided to do a contest for the home. If you're interested, you simply have to write a 350-word essay answering "Why would moving to this lakefront dream home change your life?" There is a catch, you must pay $25 to enter the contest and submit your resume, and before the home can be given away the entry fee total must reach $1.7 million, the cost of the home. If the home is sold before the contest is over, the contest is null and void. 

Chuck Dizzle

Chuck Dizzle

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