Cardi B Reacts To New Song "Money" Leaking Early

When you're one of the biggest names in music the anticipation for new releases are at an extremely high demand. So much so that people are willing to do what ever it takes to get their hands on the latest music.

Cardi be found herself in the same boat when recently announcing earlier this week that her return to music; the first track she planned to drop since the brith of her baby daughter Kulture would be making it's way on Thursday at 12:30pm


Well a full 24 hours hadn't even passed when the Bartier Mami released that the song was already out. Leaving fans and supporters a bit puzzled but nonetheless satisfied that her new song "Money" had in fact dropped.


Now I rock with Cardi and support her come up, but didn't really understand the need for an announcement being that she is a household name and the fact that we are in the age of surprise releases. 

I voiced my opinion on twitter and she sent a little clap back my way in response. LOL


Totally understood but by point still stands as to an artist of her caliber can drop without and announcement and make an equal or bigger impact.

What do you think?

Chuck Dizzle

Chuck Dizzle

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