Gender Reveal Gone Wrong...AGAIN!

Another reason to get rid of gender reveal parties …Last week there was the story of the gender reveal party in California that sparked a wildfire that spread to more than 10,00 acres, and now there’s a new story of a gender reveal party gone bad. This time, a man in western Massachusetts accidentally shot himself in the crotch. Tom Cressotti and his wife, Kristin, each had a powder-filled canon they would pull. The color of the cartridge's contents, blue powder or pink powder, would reveal the gender of their baby. Well, it seems Tim was holding the canon the wrong way – and shot himself in the groin with blue smoke. It’s a boy! A video of the event shows poor Tom on the ground, writhing in pain. (Insider)

I can't seem to find the video of the gender reveal that caused the California fires that are currently still active but here is the one from last year that also caused a disaster in AZ...Shaking my head.