Kylie Jenner Caught Getting Cozy With Drake, and Travis Scott Reacts

Drake turned 33 years old in the arms of Kylie Jenner...allegedly.

Wednesday night, the LipKit Queen made an appearance at another of his birthday bashes. She paid an inordinate amount of attention to Drake. An eyewitness claimed that Kylie was “never too far away. She spent the most time with Drake. They seemed to be enjoy each other’s company. There was an attraction there.”

Kylie pulled his attention away from his high caliber guests that included Adele, Diddy, Fetty Wap, Chris Brown, Future, French Montana and Snoop Dogg.

At the stroke of midnight, the moment Drake became 33 years old, Kylie was in his arms and toasted Drake with his Mod Sélection Champagne. (Us Weekly)

UPDATE: Travis Scott reacts to the alleged "hook up". Peep the video below.

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