Cardi B Speaks Out About Being Harassed While Modeling For a Photographer

Tonight on WE TV, Cardi B is interviewed for the premiere episode ofUntold Stories of Hip Hop.

Cardi told host Angie Martinez how she experienced a disgusting #MeToo moment. Cardi posed for a magazine before she became a household name. She recalled, (quote) “I will never forget how the photographer was trying to get close to me. Then he pulled his [peen] out! I was so [freaking] mad. I was just like, ‘This is crazy.’”

True to her character, Cardi walked away rather than endure sexual harassment. Then she approached the magazine owner, who shrugged his shoulders at Cardi’s complaint.

When Angie Martinez asked if Cardi has been sexually harassed since becoming famous, she laughed, (quote) “Oh hell no! I put you on blast on my Instagram -- I’ll [freakin’] violate.” (New York Post)

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