Noa James Gives Praise to Dragon Ball Z in "Saiyans Never Break"

NOA JAMES asserts himself on new thunder by 4th Beats on the hypnotic, unstoppable "SAIYANS NEVER BREAK". This knocker continues his intertwining of late night party music for the people, a passionate fan's musings on Dragon Ball Z, and a deep flirtation with the alchemical, the magical, and the surreal world of the arts, dark and otherwise. 

This song casts a wild and irresistible spell with the whale-mimicking foghorn persisting and tripping you out throughout

''POWER LEVEL LEVITATE / I DESTROY AND I CREATE" Noa BOOMS mesmerizingly, letting all know a practitioner of musical alchemy stalks the surrounding streets. This song is mantra, foundational and powerful, a warning to the cowardly and a summons to the spiritually vigorous - get caught up in its gravitational pull.

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