Kelechi on Relationship w/ Pat the Manager, White Rap, Vape Ban + More

Marietta, Georgia rapper Kelechi made noise after being the winner for Mountain Dew's Green Label Sound: Open Call in 2015, and freestyling on Sway in the Morning. Since then he's released multiple projects from 'Before the Quarter', 'Quarter Life Crisis', 'Woke Up to Winter', and 'Spring Breakup', but expresses that he hasn't had that one album that's given him mainstream attention.

Despite being in the game for nearly a decade, Kelechi is still motivated by his love of music and continues to be the voice for the unmotivated. In this interview we touch upon Kelechi's tenure in hip hop, along with his thoughts on the vaping ban (since he's a huge hookah enthusiast), and his tweet that explained 'White Rap' amongst other things.

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