XV talks New Album + Book, Astrology, & 'The Kid with the Green Backpack'

XV is a legendary rapper from Wichita, Kansas who you might remember being on the NBA 2K12 Soundtrack with his single "Awesome" featuring Pusha T. After signing to Warner Brothers Music Group, unfortunately he was unable to finish his debut album The Kid with the Green Backpack, and lost a sense of self-identity during the process.

It's been some years since XV released new music, but he made his way to Los Angeles last week to perform his hits and some newbies that will be on his debut album under his independent label. It looks like the stars are aligning for the Squarian leader in 2018-19. Check out XV's interview on The Lunch Table.

Bootleg Kev & DJ Hed

Bootleg Kev & DJ Hed

Bootleg Kev & DJ Hed are on REAL 92.3 KRRL FM Los Angeles Home for Hip Hop Radio Read more


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