Find Out What Iconic Biggie Smalls Piece of Hip-Hop is On Sale Now!


Not too sure what you would do with this, but it would be really cool to own something so iconic.

New York legend Notorious B.I.G.' s mugshot is up for grabs however you have to pay $36,000 dollars for it. According to The World News , Biggie was booked at a New Jersey nightclub in 1995 and a fan who worked at the county jail asked Big for an autograph.

Biggie went ahead and gave the fan an autograph along with some of his mugshots and personalized note. It reads, "Megan, Much Love, ‘Thanks 4 the phone call’ B.I.G.” why would someone want to sell something to personal?

You catch more on this story tonight during the Unsolved Murders of Tupac and Notorious B.I.G on USA

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