If You Thought Drunk Driving Was Bad, It Has Nothing on Drowsy Driving


You know those times when you're bypassing traffic then witness weird accidents on the side of the road and wonder how in heck did it happen? Believe it or not but most freaky car accidents are not caused just by drunk drivers but also sleepy drivers too.

New study from AAA, states driving while sleepy behind the wheel is the factor of 10% car accidents. It was reported that most of crashes in which drowsiness was evident happened mostly during the day than during the nighttime hours. 

"Drowsiness is a notoriously difficult problem to detect in an investigation conducted after the fact for a variety of reasons, principally because there is not any clear, obvious evidence for the police to see or measure after the fact like there might be with alcohol," says researcher Tefft said.

By the video above we can tell it is a serious issue. Read the full story below

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