Say Goodbye to Purchasing CDs Come July 1st


Ahhh no not the CDs! The adrenaline of getting your hands on your favorite artist's album will soon come to an end.

Best Buy shared the news over the weekend that come to July 1st they will be getting rid of all CDS in store for good. Clearly we seen this coming as streaming services tend to escalate on Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, Google Play, and Soundcloud. Also with newer model cars discontinuing CD players it was just a matter of time.

According to sources over at Billboard, 800 million CDs were sold back in 2001 however since then, the numbers have dropped down to 89 million and steadily dropping each year.

It has been said that Target might also be the store next in line to get rid of CDs, that's if music suppliers don't pay more to keep them in stores.

Find out where this leave vinyls HERE

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