Logic Pretends to Be a Teenager to Get Out Of Paying a Ticket


Logic gave a compelling performance Sunday at the Grammys but one thing we didn't know, is that he has an interesting past.

According to HotNewHipHop, Logic went to shoot a music video for 'Super Mario World' off his 'Bobby Tarantino' mixtape back in 2016 and lied about his identity in order to shoot the video at the scene.

Trying to save money, Logic and his squad portrayed to be high school students in order to out paying location fees on a non-profit ship. 

Carolina Salguero, who owns the ship and known to let students record or do projects on the boat for free claims she was under the impression Logic and his team we're doing a summer project.

After allowing the guys to film, she asks for a properly credited in the video and that's when things went a little left.

Read more on the story via HotNewHipHop

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