Tupac's Missing Murder Weapon Appears After 19 Years!


As the murder of Tupac is still unsolved, the news received today brings us one step closer to us Pac fans finding out as to who is really behind the murder.

A&E's docu-series of "Who Killed Tupac" shared the story on their findings of the murder weapon that killed Pac back in 1998. 

"A .40 caliber Glock was found by a citizen in his backyard in 1998 ... which he reported to police. Compton PD records show it was booked as found property on May 30, 1998."

Two years after, LA County Sheriff's Dept stated that the address where the gun was found was found at one of his enemies girlfriend house. 

But wait there is a catch, Las Vegas Police Department says the gun never got to them while they were first solving the murder and Tupac's brother wasn't pleased.

The final episode of "Who Killed Tupac" airs Tuesday Night but to read more on this store head over to TMZ HERE.

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