Wendy Williams Holds Nothing Back When Throwing Shots at Ashanti

Now we still don't understand how Wendy Williams can still go in about other people without addressing her own personal life, but hey to each his on right?

Wendy shared her comments about the R&B singer today on her show pretty much stating that she agrees with Joe Budden and believes her whole career is trash.

"You know, I get the whole bodysuit thing. The difference is that Beyonce can come out—or Jennifer Lopez—in a bodysuit with a thong, and all booty showing, and the thigh-high boots and the whole bit, and nobody’s throwing money at her because they understand and respect the hustle. That’s the difference. Ashanti, you are a fledgling artist at best…She’s 40-something years old at this point, nobody cares about her music—37, same difference. And I didn’t call you a stripper, I call you an exotic dancer and I agree with what Joe was saying. Ashanti, just take it for what it is: Nobody’s buying your music, nobody cares about your music. You’ve got a beautiful body and you’re using it to make your bones. And that is the fact, jack."

SMH, watch the full video below. 


Source via HotNewHipHop

Video via Twitter

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