Long Beach Restaurant Gets Flagged For Re-Serving Popeye's Chicken

It's a norm for many restaurants and fast food chains to sell similar products, but it's a whole other story when someone is stealing your own product and making more money than you are.

That's exactly what has been going on in Long Beach. Sweet Dixie Kitchen, who is famous for their Chicken and Waffles plate, had been caught by couple of restaurant goers of sneaking in Popeye's boxes through the back door.


The restaurant goers wrote a review on Yelp that went viral , leading up to the Sweet Dixie Kitchen being questioned about her actions.

According to NBC 4, the owner responded but stating

“We never tried to hide it, which is why I walk through front door with it,” Sanchez said. “When people order it, I tell them. It’s not on my menu as Popeyes chicken because I can’t get the approval from Popeyes.” and also adds “I love it,” she said. “I can stand behind it. I can proudly say this is the best product for this dish.”

She gives no F***s. 

You'll really shake your head once you find out how she prepares it. Read more HERE

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