Say What? Slang Words "Lit" and "Jawn" Now Been Added to The Dictionary


Seems like English Literature is becoming more aware of the millennials in today's age.

Popular dictionary company Merriam-Webster first featured the words "Jawn" on their "Words Where Watching Column"  and according to Complex,  the word itself has actually not been added permanently but, has a high chance to be as it is being tracked in a database by the amount of usage it receives. 

"Jawn" which is slang word that comes from Philly natives originates from the word joint which is also an old word dated back to the 1200s and referred initially to the point where two bones meet. 

The idea of "meeting" eventually led to "joint" being used to refer to disreputable places where criminals met says Merriam-Webster. 

Merriam-Webster Associate Editor Kory Stamper tells Complex exactly the process of how new slang entries work. 

Find out how "LIT" got it's awareness HERE.

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