Never Before Seen Photo of Nas and Tupac Together Has Leaked!

Who knew this was possible.

As we have been told Queens rapper Nas and West Coast Legend Tupac Shakur weren't the best of friends back in the 90s.

Nas had took subliminal shots towards Notorious B.I.G on his sophomore album 'It Was Written' , which led to Tupac responding interpreting the shots were made towards him, according to hip hop website StopTheBreaks .

Nas and Tupac beef had lasted a while but the two actually squashed their shortly before his death at MTV's VMAS in 1996. 

This picture that has been leaked on Instagram earlier today comes from an unknown account that shows the two rappers actually photographed side by side. 

Fans were shocked when the seen this.


Not sure if this was photo taken was before the two had beef or after it was squashed but to witness both of them in a photo together is ICONIC!

Every wonder what Nas thoughts on Tupac was? Check out this throwback video where he lets it all out on Vlad TV.

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