Twitter Goes Off On 'Sport Illustrated' For Magazine Cover


Fans were very unpleased when Sports Illustrated debuted their new October Issue.

The Magazine cover highlights different athletes from coming together and taking part in protests we have witnessed on the field, but what stuck out most is how Colin Kaepernick is not featured anywhere on the on the cover.

According to The Root, Sports Illustrated's Executive Editor Steve Cannella justifies why Colin Kaepernick was excluded and this is what he had to say..

"“In some ways, even though his picture is not there, Colin Kaepernick is there; I think we all know that,” Cannella said. “Colin Kaepernick—for lack of a better word—was looming over everything that happened this past weekend, and looms over many issues in society right now.”

Interesting right? He also adds, “I thought what we were trying to capture with this cover was the way new voices emerged this weekend.”

Not sure if we accept this justification, but the people aren't at all. 

Did you see the tweets?


Found out what else Steve Canella, and Steph Curry had to say HERE

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