Nicki Minaj Sends Cardi B Love For Hitting No.1 on Billboard Charts

Can we all just give it up one more time for Cardi B doing big thangs for the culture!

Cardi broke the internet this morning when Billboard reported the news that 'Bodak Yellow' is now thee NUMBER ONE SONG IN THE COUNTRY. Now that is really big news, especially since the record has only been on the charts for 12 weeks.

It really is a huge moment for hip hop history making this the first female artist to hit the No.1 on the charts without a feature. Last time we seen this happen was back in 1998 with Lauryn Hill's 'That Thing' .

As much as many people thought Nicki Minaj wouldn't be happy about it, she actually sent her acknowledgments to Cardi via Twitter.


Cardi B's boo thang even had some words to share about her big award.


They cute! Lol, Cardi has been putting in a lot of time when it comes to her rapping career and it is finally paying off. Cardi says thank you, ya'll !

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