Tyga Speaks Out Says He's The Father of Kylie Jenner's Baby

If this can't get any messier.

TMZ, broke the news earlier that Kylie and Travis Scott and rumored to be having a baby on the way. The two allegedly have been telling their friends about the pregnancy on the low but somehow the secret is out... That is if it's true.

As we both know, Tyga and Kylie were dating a little over three years and we're guessing Tyga didn't like all these rumors about his ex girl and him not being apart of it. Tyga took to snapchat to share a photo stating he's indeed the father.

Photo via HollywoodLife.

Petty much? With the emojis at the end, it's easy to think he's not serious but least we know cares.

TMZ caught up with Kylie since the rumors have aired and she gives the photog the complete silent treatment. Watch HERE

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